Business philosophy of Sky Handling GmbH

Our conventions are based on the principle of a responsible business governance and control. They form the basis of the sustainable economic success and serve to strengthen the trust of our customers, business partners, employees as well as shareholders.
Therefore we have formulated the following guidelines/conventions:

“your reliable partner”:

With service on high level, the Sky Handling GmbH takes responsibility for the smooth running of business aviation. The loyal and productive partnership with our customers and with cooperating companies is thereby an important maxim of our business activities.


The quality of our services is the result of our high demand to our business partners, employees and to ourselves. Thereby we pay attention to a continuous improvement of all processes in order to provide excellence services to our customers.


Our human resource management is aimed at the sustainability of professional positions. Thereby we attach importance to engagement, performance and quality orientation. Our employees identify themselves with their work and the company. To guarantee this, the employee satisfaction and safety are essential aspects. Qualifications are important components and are still promoted.

Resistant to the future:

Constancy and quality characterize our company. We are always aiming to adapt to the demands on the market and to the customers and to develop effective concepts and sustainable solutions, to tighten our partnerships. Our demand for the highest quality, customer satisfaction and flexibility will be a decisive competitive advantage.